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This page contains up-to date information about the released features of the Booking Manager.

Last update: 31/08/2010

    Local Booking Manager change-log                        
Local Booking Managerchanges in the application=========================================v.8.0.6229 (31.08.2011) - new: Maintenance tracking system. Booking Manager now features improved Tasks editor   with possibility to plan maintenance tasks, better track costs and control the stock    levels of spare parts, and suppliers. New system allows for multiple Warehouses and    Workshops so it is convenient for both small and big companies and features   Warehouses editor, Task category editor, Activites editor, Articles editor,   Workshops/Warehouses editor - new: CBM module to track maintenance/workshop tasks online. It allows administrators to   control workers, and workers to easily control their tasks. It also allows owners of the    boats to control costs and operations done on the boat in real time. - new: Preferences/User groups: Suppliers group is added as default system group. Now it   is possible to select default staff and suppliers group which will be used in Task editor   and Articles editor. - new: Alotment contracts and calculation. You are now able to define an allotment contract   with your agencies in Addressbook and system will create proper documents by deducting    the commission amount. Alotment system with agencies is popular in hotel business   and avoids the complcations of commission based system. - new: AddressBook > Printing Allotment pricelist - new: Euminia Rating system integration. Booking Manager is now automatically connected   to yacht rating system. This now enables all Euminia users to review the    results of yourindividual yachts directly in Yachts window of Booking Manager.  - new: possibility to display Euminia and YachtAdviser ratings in offers. and also an    option to include Euminia ratings in offers sent to clients. - new: Work/Reservations: Added new filters. Now you can filter reservations that contain   certain Option or Discount item by entering it's name in the filter. - new: Work/Reservations/Invoice detail: When reloading terms of payment, bank details    and note field by choosing "Reload details" button, you will be asked in which language   details should be loaded. Similar to printing offers and invoices you can also choose    to load details in client's language. - new: Setup/Discount types: Now it is possible to disable application's maximum discount    ruleon certain discount types. If maximum rule is disabled for some discount type it    will be added as a discount without checking the current value of total discount. - new: Main/Synchronization: Uppon synchronization with CBM system will check if double   bookings exist and automatically list them in "Problems" tab on main screen. - new: Work/Reservations: It is now possible to change the way system automatically produces   invoice dates. In Preferences/Reservation settings/Defaults you can now choose the rule for   invoice date genaration. It is possible to choose if invoice dates will be generated on today's   date, on check in date or on check out date. - new: Setup/Payment method editor: It is now possible to select default currency for each payment   method. When payment method is changed on certain reservation, whole calculation will be switched   to currency defined by that payment method. - new: Work/Reservations: Calculation and invoice items will be displayed in correct currency when   currency on reservation changes. - new: Work/Addressbook: Added new field in addressbook under "Misc" tab called "Active office". You   can assign an active office to some user in addressbook and also filter users by choosing suitable   filter in "Filter by" list. - new: Main: Added new bases filter. It is now easy to filter bookings on main screen by choosing this   filter and showing only yachts in certain base. - fix: Main/Problems: Reservations that have the same reservation number are no longer    listed as a problem. - fix: Work/Yachts: When choosing equipment items for yacht inventory and when system asks    about a value of added inventory item, it will display the name of the item for which    the value is entered.v.7.5.6227 (20.07.2011) - new: Setup/Discount types: It is now possible to create discounts that exclude other    discounts. It is useful in situations where you want to set-up a special offer but don't   want other standard discounts to apply. Excluding discount also needs to be lower than   maximum allowed discount value. - new: Preferences/Message settings: added new messages rich text editor to manage    templates for all email message types that are being sent from the Booking Manager - new: option to automatically translate extras and discounts on booking confirmations    using the built in Booking Manager translation system. Booking Manager will try to    translate all standard option and discount items by itself which will greatly improve   the document generation in native language of the client. However all users are encouraged   to translate their items manually to produce the best result. - new: Sending price quote: It is now possible to attach multiple documents on price quotes   within LBM and on portal, by using the "Attach" option on documents in the same way as   when sending options and booking confirmations. - new: Offer, confirmation and Invoice documents now available in Norwegian - new: Web Booking Manager search form now shows sailing areas based on selected country - new: Setup/Payment method editor: new way of entering translations for payment terms,   bank details and note. All Booking Manager languages are now supported while entering    bank conditions and entry is more clear to the end user.  - new: Setup/Equipment editor: translation of equipment groups and equipment items is now   possible in all Booking Manager languages - new: Work/Reservation Editor: printing invoices is no longer possible unless there is    correct date and invoice number set. If those doesn't exist, system will warn you and    generate them for you. - new: New visual information on reservation lists and booking sheet is now available.   By looking at the new status notifier color, you can easily see which reservation    is fully paid, which is partially paid and which didn't receive any payments. Black colour   marks the reservation without any payment, yellow marks a partialy paid reservation,   and green marks a fully paid reservation. The notifier still shows the red border for   reservations with overdue payments. Legend for this new feature is also available on   the bottom of the Booking Sheet window. - new: Work/Reservation editor: new field added - Checkout remark. It is now possible to   enter a remark for returning client that will be visible on the embarkment list, under   the client's name. - new: Reports/ Embarkment list: the maintenance person and guest columns are now merged   together in the table and full modes of the embarkment list to provide more space for   checkout note details - new: Preferences/ Reservation Settings/ Online: it is now possible to choose to automatically   delete expired options that were created locally in LBM. Until now, only the options made   online were allowed to be deleted automatically by the system. Now you do that for all    options. - new: CBM/Welcome screen: Welcome screen will now show you all your options and reservations   that have a checkout date within two weeks from now. This will make it easier for agencies   to find reservations that need to have their crew lists updated - new: CBM/Reservation list: it is now possible to filter all options and reservations at   the same time. This filter is set as default in the reservation list to allow agencies   to view their bookings without the need for extra filtering. - new: Work/Reservation editor: LBM no longer asks the user to forgive the debt while    generating invoice document. To forgive the debt, you can use the "discount" button in   Payments tab.   - fix: Work/Reservation editor: Adding skipper to crew list is now fully functional - fix: Work/Yachts: fixed an issue when Apply button didn't get enabled after entering    information in some fields. - fix: Work/Reservation editor: Booking Manager will now ask you about further actions if you    try to create duplicate reservations. The system will still allow you to make overlapping   reservations in LBM if you really want to, but it will now give you an extra warning. - new: If agency commission is excluded from VAT calculation, the final invoice document   no longer displays the commission - fix: Full support for Norwegian, Serbian and Lithuanean languagesv. (30.06.2011) - fix: Setup/Payment analyser: fixed some issues with overdue payments. Overdue payments   are now correctly shown in table and also on report that will be sent to the client - new: Added possibility to enter translations on yacht remark, options, discounts and   equipment groups. - fix: Mails sent from server will correctly display non-english characters. - fix: Reports/Expected payments: Report now contains full information about agency/client   and guest. Payment is shown only if it is bigger than tolerated value that can be set   in Preferences/Reservation settings/Payments. - new: Reports/Agency financial performance: Agencies can now be grouped by country so   it is now possible to see the information about performance of each country that agencies   are located in - new: Yachts: It is now possible to enter eCrew username and password on each yacht. If crew   has been sent to eCrew it will be shown in Reservations editor on top of the crew list table. - fix: Reports/Embarkment list: All issues with embarkment list are now solved. - fix: Reports/Transfer list: Fixed problem when some of the transfers were not shown on report. - new: Sailing Areas are now available on web search engine on the portal and web sites.   Clients are now able to see availability in the entire destinations of interest, not just   individual bases. - new: Shipyard is now a separate category in the database - new: Bases are now also keeping its geo Latitude and Longitude information. - new: Price Quote images are now automaticaly generated which should eliminate the    problem of "black boxes" in emails - new: Price Quotes now display images of specific boats in the offer, not models anymore. - new: Reservation Settings: Option to calculate the agency discount without included VATv. (17.06.2011) - new: New database structure, preparation for 0.7.4 versionv. (25.05.2011) - new: Reports/Expected payments: Added new report for expected payments. Operator can    now see the exact amount that is expected to be received over a certain period of time. - new: Work/Yachts: New yacht details report design. Extras are now visible as a    part of the report, pictures of the yacht are now located at the top of the page, technical   details and equipment are diplayed in better and more compact layout. Equipment categories are    visible - new: Reservation editor: Merging documents is now allowed for multiple reservations    selected. After merging program will ask if you want to open documents and/or send them by email - new: Payment analyser: Sending overdue reminders in client language. Also added new   column in the table that shows overdue - new: Payment analyser: Exporting payments to Excel - new: Reservation editor: Sending link to client (on CBM) where he can fill his crew list   for selected reservation - new: Reservation editor: Filtering by payment invoice id - new: Groups: Added new group for crew members - new:	Reservation editor: On creation of new crew member, that user is automatically    added to crew member group - new: Embarkment report: Added new type of report that contains full info - new: Transfer list report: Now possible to get report in period, not only on specific day.   Report also rotated in landscape page format and comment column extended - new: Invoice report: Yacht owner can now be shown on invoice (option available in    Reservation settings --> Invoice) - new: Reservation editor: Payment date and invoice date has to be in the same month and    year. If that is not the case, invoice date is set to the date of payment. Also, payments   that are already exported to external bookkeeping program are not allowed to be edited   any more - new: Company settings: Added button for logo deletion - fix: Addressbook: Languages for printing documents are all available now - fix: Reservation editor: Values at first and second payment are now correctly displayed   in invoice detail tab - fix: Reports: Solved issues in reports where incorrect labels were displayed - fix: Task editor: Fixed adding tasks - fix: Transfer list for guest: Now correctly displaying info about guest's transfers - fix: Embarkment list: Export to Excel fixed, there is no more overlaping - fix: Payment analyser: Sending overdue reminders in currency selected for agency on reservations - fix: Invoice report: Now all the advance payments are shown on the report, field    occupies two rows instead of one - fix: Embarkment list: Now shows first available new guest after selected day and dates    are centered on selected dayv. (29.04.2011) - fix: Reporting layout and labeling fixesv. (22.04.2011) - new: Payment analyser: Added button for sending overdue reminder by mail - new: Reservation editor: Added posibility to export full reservation list to Excel - new: Reservation editor: Printing documents in Lithuanian, Serbian and Greek - new: Reservation editor: Filtering by confirmation date - new: Reservation editor: Filtering by "check in month" and "check out month" - new: Reservation editor: Filtering by creation date - new: Reports: Reporting tool showing menus in local language - new: Yacht editor: Add comment field for year of build - new: Embarkment report: now possible to show all boats, boats embarking on selected day and boats 	embarking during selected week - fix: Yacht finantial performance fixes: calculcates discount types correctly, column   sum works correctly in all fields, all extras are now calculated in the report, including   ones charged in base, discounts are now displayed without deducting VAT automaticaly   to avoid confusion. - fix: Task List printout fixes. Added a description field to the print with price option  - fix: Documents: Longer field for printing out active office - fix: Discount editor: Discount is included for reservations started in discount period - fix: Booking editor: Now showing only available types in filter - fix: Booking editor: Only properties of selected type shown in filter - fix: Service boat models: Removed "Apply_changes" and "Forget_changes" from menuitems - fix: Added more translations to invoice_FR and invoice_PL - fix: User groups: Multiple users can now be selected and imported to user group - fix: Price editor: Daily percentages can be entered with comma or point - fix: Adressbook, Reservation, Yacht model & Yachts editor: automatically arranged filter elements - fix: User groups: Actions are enabled only if group is selected - fix: Yacht model: Correct data is shown when adding new Yacht in Yacht editor, also added button 	to choose a model instead of automatically closing frame on mouse click - fix: Translations: Added missing Spanish locales - fix: Payment analyser: Now printing only selected reservations/payments - fix: Discounts: Service discount is now valid if the reservation is made ON or AFTER discount start date and 	BEFORE discount ending date - fix: Translations: Added Italian translations for 'owner share list', 'embarking list', 	'financial performance agencies'v. (23.02.2011) - fix: reporting adjustments - new: yachts in CBM can be assigned to a specific day of the week, not only Saturdayv. (15.12.2010) - new: Price Quote Wizzard now supports custom HTML templates and assigning a comission value to the   price (useful for agencies)  - new: Addressbook CSV export is now compatible with the MS Outlook export format. - new: Wooden boats category in Models - fix: freeBo will now accept username and passwords with trailing spaces added. It was a   common mistake while copy&pasting password for freeBo upload. - fix: Spanish translation correction for third payment - fix: Italian localization update - new: more verbose messages while uploading to freeBov. (16.09.2010) - new: Cleaning cost can be assigned to a specific boat and projected total cost can    now be displayed on the yacht financial report - new: Actual cleaning cost can be assigned to a specific reservation - new: Additional language translations are available for client documents. Hungarian,   Slovak, Greek, Serbian and Polish - fix: Simple master invoice tax breakdown of the alternative currency now visible - new: Emailing the selected documents directly from the AddressBook, Reservation and    Yachts modules - new: Automatic Word template merging in AddressBook Reservation and Yacht modules  - fix: Exchange rate on payments can be entered in more than 2 decimal places in fresh   installations of Booking Manager - fix: Simple master invoice now correctly displays storno invoice if the total   amount is lower than zero - new: Possibility to split payments for a booking in three installments in Reservation    Editor. If total percentage from first and second payment rule is less than 100% then    a third payment is requested 30 days before the charter term v. (29.03.2010) - new: discounts can now be assigned per user group, so for example Boat Show discounts    can be applied to select agencies only - new: Booking Sheet: display reservation notes in the tooltip.  - new: Possibility to upload a different company logo image for each payment method - new: Reservation settings > CBM: Possibility to reset the CBM visit counter - new: WBM Affiliate functionality - new: Additional fields in the reservation list export - fix: Invoice for advanced payment displays alternative currency info correctly even   for multiple tax rates - new: From now on, all prices have to be inserted into the system with VAT included - fix: Task Editor display of task types labels is now correct - new: Crew list mode now permits entering tasks also v. (30.11.2009) - new: Address book: Maximum number of concurrent options per agency   - new: Preferences > General Options: ability to select the default Active Office - new: Yachts: Option to select a maximum comission for a specific yacht - new: Yachts > Location Editor: new possibility to place yachts in multiple bases    depending on the season. - new: Reservation Settings > Invoice: Option to display the value of subtotal on    finantial documents - new: Payment reference number for Finnish companies - new: Coloring the status in booking sheet based on base of departure. This is optional   in Company Settings.  - fix: Reservation report Master invoice list displayed only the VAT of the basic service,    and not the VAT of extras in cases where extras have different tax value. This is now   corrected - fix: Master Invoice list now displays the value of gross price and discounts with VAT   included. This resolves problems with multiple tax rate calculations. - new: Invoice: The price before VAT is now also displaying alternative currency info - new: Address Book can now be used to send a direct link to guests to update their    personal data - fix: Booking Sheet - weeks that are not fully booked are now displayed differently as   is already the case in CBM so they can now be more easily recognised - new: Embarkment List: the mobile phone of disembarking guest is now also visible on the    embarkment list - fix: Web Booking Manager correctly displays starting bases for yachts that had one way   charter the week before - new: Embedded Mysql support for 64 bit OS X. Automatic installation with embedded mysql   now works on all OS X machines. - new: Embedded mysql support for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7. Automatic installation with   embedded mysql now works on Windows 7 - new: Macintosh OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Booking Manager now supports 10.5 and 10.6   OS X versions. - fix: Date selector in Season Editor was not able to go beyond 2010. - fix: freeBo export now sends all bookings from current until the default year. This makes   it possible for freeBo to display booking lists for multiple years at the same time. - fix: Company Settings user interface improvementsv. (10.06.2009) - new: New version numbering system in the application. - new: Template merging for all documents in reservation editor (by uploading a .dot file) - new: Crew List export for Croatian tourist board - fix: Embarkment list table type has larger font sizes for content, 8pt from 5pt and each   row of the table is now vertically expandable to match the content. - fix: Crew List entry: skipper licence number now also automatically pulled when entering   existing users from addressbook. - new: Banking costs are now deducted from the owner share in the owner share reporting. - new: Crew List entry: While traversing form fields with TAB button, the existing text    in fields gets automatically selected providing for faster keyboard editing. - fix: Reservation editor filter "Active office" repaired - fix: E-crew web service certificate now properly bundled with the distribution - fix: Crew list - "Permanent residence" report now correctly prints a report when selecting   multiple crew members - new: Crew List entry: Simplified entry by splitting crew member details in two tabs. The   "General" tab elements are used in 90% of the entries and fields in "Detailed" tab very   rarely so this change makes data entry simpler and faster for the end user. - fix: Yacht details report: more space for item labels now available   v.0.6.168 (01.06.2009)  - fix:Crew List feature "save and new" now remembers the last name - fix:Croatian Crew list reporting user interface is now enabled for non-Croatian companies   with at least one base in Croatia.  - fix:Crew list now preassigns some default fields while choosing an existing guest from   addressbook v.0.6.165 (30.04.2009)     - new: Documents section in Reservation Editor - new: possibility to use "Pro Forma Invoice" instead of "Booking Confirmation" title - new: Windows e-mailing greatly improved. Booking Manager now fully supports emailing thru   Outlook Express 6, Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and Tobit email clients - new: Embeded MySQL database server. It greatly simplifies the LBM application    installation process. - new: Czech and Dutch languages support added to the offer, booking confirmation and    invoice documents - fix: In Addressbook picker, client can now be picked with a simple double-click without    having to click the "Choose" button. - new: Price Quote is translateable and can now be sent in 11 different languages - new: Before sending a Price Quote, you are now able to manually change the discounts - new: In the Embarkment list report the client debt display is now made optional - new: Booking Sheet montly view can now be scrolled horizontaly across the entire work year - fix: Check-in date replaces the skipper field in the weekly booking list report - new: Booking Sheet can now be filtered by number of cabins. The "status" filter was removed - fix: Agency Financial Performance report now also displays booking statistics for disabled clients v.0.6.162 (27.02.2009) - new: Toolbar With the "Today" actions implemented on the main screen. This is the first   step in creating a task oriented system in LBM.      - new: Encryption option for your database. With a simple password you can now encrypt   sensitive data in your Booking Manager database. The advantages of such encryption   are that nobody can read its content but the holder of the encryption key  and if your    database gets phisically stolen, the data remains safe. Additionaly also the database   on the central server is encrypted and can't be read by any third party including the    system administrator or MMK staff. It is important to note that once you enable the    encryption, there is no way of retrieving the original data if the encryption password    is lost or forgotten. - new: Reports/Agency Financial performance report reintroduced to allow for quick agency   statistics. Will be improved in the future to match the level of details found on the    Yacht finantial performance report - new: Spanish, Slovenian and Russian languages for outgoing documents, offers,    confirmations and invoices - new: every report preview window now has a new "mail as attachment" button in the toolbar    which automatically attaches the report as PDF document into a new email message. This    way now all of the reports generated from LBM are also directly e-mailable. - fix: User interface improvements in Local Booking Manager. Scrollers added to    Reservation, Addressbook, Yachts, Yacht Models and other windows to prevent control    buttons from hiding if window becomes too small - fix: Apple Mail on Mac OS X - when sending emails with attachment, Mail app now    activates to the front of other windows - fix: Apple Mail on Mac OS X - when sending emails with price quotes, Mail app now supports   multiple selection of users in the addressbook - new: Addressbook property "Default payment method" in "Misc" section. This option gives   you a possibility to assign prefered payment method for a specific client. All offers    for that client will have this payment method selected by default. This setting also    overrides the same setting in Yacht Editor module that was introduced in version 0.6.72,    so when both yacht and client have specified default payment methods, the one from the    client will be used. - new: User Group module now shows the last name and company name of the user in the members    table - new: Reservation editor now has a "active office" filter - fix: Yacht and Yacht Model windows improvements in overall interface consistency. - new: Option to work with the data only from recent business years. In module    "Preferences > reservation settings > Defaults > Show history from year" the starting    year can be selected. This is usefull in cases where you don't need old data, or want to   make your Booking Manager faster on older and slower computers.  - fix: Improved Outlook import filter in the addressbook, missing telephone,fax fields   are now being correctly imported - new: Option to remove tax breakdown information in case the total tax is zero in   offer, booking confirmation and invoice documents v.0.6.152 (16.07.2008) - new: View Model button in yachts window to easily open a model that matches the selected yacht. - new: Spanish language added in the equipment editor - new: Preferences > Reservation settings > Payments - new parameters for controling the    "owner share" report: sharing agency commision in the owner calculation and possibility to   calculate owner share from received payments instead of invoiced amount. - new: CBM - "Owner share" module for administrators and owners to monitor the owner share in real   time. Owner share module access is fully configurable with permissions system. Administrators have   the full access, while boat owners are able to view reports for their boats only if permissions for   "Reservation" module are set to allow READ and OWNER rights - new: Improvements in "System default" skin for Windows XP and Mac OS X - fix: Embarkment list table type: export to Excell didn't display Maintenance Person and Old Guest fields - new: Reservation > Crew list: multiple select of crew list members for printing only the part of the   individual list - new: Owner Share report in LBM can now generate group report for all yachts, not just the selected one - new: On Mac OS X, the default system skin replaces "aquathemepack" skin   v.0.6.151 (19.06.2008) - new: Mac OS X related fixes. Included Quaqua skin to better represent native look and feelv.0.6.150 (06.06.2008) - new: View Model button in yachts window to easily open a model that matches the selected yacht. - new: Spanish language added in the equipment editor - fix: embarkment list type list did not display agent/client details correctly in some cases - fix: embarkment list type table now correctly groups yachts per base of departure or arrival when   specific base has been requested - fix: memory loss issues in synchronization - new: minimum required Java version is now Java 5 with Java 6 also supported. In many situations   this will result in increased speed and responsiveness of the LBM. Java 1.4 is no longer used. - fix: yacht details report now shows the image of a specific yacht, not it's model image.v.0.6.149 (28.04.2008) - new: multiple selection for equipment items in Yacht, Yacht Model, and Equipment Editor, so    multiple items can be deleted and added to inventory with a single click v.0.6.148 (21.04.2008) - new: showing deposit on embarkment list is optionalv.0.6.147 (16.04.2008) - new: embarkment list displays the day of the week - new: embarkment list displays the base name and groups boats per checkout base - fix: embarkment list now also displays owner weeks in the report - new: embarkment list now displays deposit and transit log information in remarks  - fix: invoice for advance payment problem with line drawn over  - fix: Reporting border lines in reports were too thick in version 0.6.146 v.0.6.146 (11.04.2008) - new: Addressbook possibility to delete multiple users at once in the Addressbook - new: Task List - printout of the financial calculation part of the task list - new: Task list - Workers/Suppliers, now the "Worker" chooser displays users from the group "Staff" and   from the group "Suppliers" if such a group exists   - fix: Table layouts improved v.0.6.144 (01.04.2008) - new: Preferences -> Printing Options -> Client details - added a "spacer" field that can be added multiple   times for better address presentation  - new: Reservations - If the total of the calculation is negative, when clicking on the "invoice" it produces    a "Credit note" document.    v.0.6.142 (25.03.2008) - fix: Booking Sheet - better cell layout with more spacing - fix: File Picker stays in the last directory after image upload - fix: Task Editor - now you can correctly choose the party that has to cover the expense: charter or the ownerv.0.6.141 (14.03.2008) - fix: Proper title display on invoices for advanced payments - fix: Storno invoices in languages other than english - new: FreeBo upload now also sends the prices of the boats v.0.6.140 (12.03.2008) - new: Model Editor: New models can now automatically get pictures from generic models - new: Yachts: From this version each yacht has a possibility to upload and display it's own images - new: WBM - displaying images of each individual yachts - new: document synchronization - from this version all documents can be synchronized directly with the server - fix: FreeBo export displays a correct error if transfer fails - new: FreeBo export now supports uploading for multiple bases - new: Reservation editor - note for Master invoice - new: Reservation Settings - option to enumerate Master invoice numbers together with invoices for advance payments.  - new: Option Editor - Multiple select of yachts - new: Discount Editor - Multiple select of yachts - new: About - Support - link to support section of web site - new: Address book - button to automatically generate password for selected user - new: Address book - button to send email with login details to the user - new: Address book - new filter to visualize only the users that have been entered thru the Internet - new: Booking Sheet - improved one way display with the initials of the bases displayed  v.0.6.136 (21.02.2008) - new: Payment has new fields: "Invoice Date" and Storno date so the date of the invoice for advance payment can be separated from    the date of the payment and also storno can now be issued without  - new: Yachts window now hides the generic models, so the user is forced to define his own model (based on generic one)   v.0.6.135 (18.02.2008) - new: FreeBo Export: New Option to upload the booking sheet and fleet details to FreeBo system - fix: Embarkment list now correctly displays the name of the embarking and disembarking guests when option   "show only embarking/disembarking yachts" is selected - new: Embarkment list now also shows the mobile telephone number of the embarking guest next to his name in the list - new: Embarkment list: if there was an extra chosen that was paid already on the invoice, it will be marked as paid   and shown on the embarkment list with 0.00 price  - fix: Yachts: the disabled / enabled yachts switch is working correctly now - fix: "8 days" option problem in the Address Book is resolved  - fix: reservation document: if there is no agency contract, the "Agency contract" label will not appear on the reservation v.0.6.133 (19.12.2007) - new: Banking costs added to payments - fix: Printing of the task list is now working correctly - new: Import address book functionality in Addressbook - possibility to import from .csv file   exported from Microsoft Outlook - new: "Send email to the crew" button in the Reservation editor. It sends the email to all members of the crew   list with crew list report attached in PDF - new: Tax rate can now be applied to individual items in the reservation  - new: automatic attachment of multiple yacht documents to offer and confirmation emails. You can now select the   documents that are being automatically sent in Yachts/Documents section. - new: Owner Profit report for the yacht owners is available in the Report menu item. This report satisfies   basic owner use case, and will get refined in the next versions to allow most companies to perform complete    owner profit/expense analysis.  - new: Work/Yachts - Owner profit percentage can now be set on each yacht to allow for calculations of    owner share for each booking. - new: Send quote improvement in the main window. Now with each yacht price email will also contain a list of   obligatory options and a general price list note in the footer as defined in    Preferences/Printing Options/Price list note - fix: Send Quote improvement in the main window. The information about the Start-end base will automatically   take the one way status of the week in the consideration and will show the correct base situation according   to previous and following sailing weeks - new: Default duration of options - there is now a global setting to change the default option duration.   until now the default for everyone was initially fixed to 7 days - new: Reservation Editor/Payments has a new button to automatically discount the difference between paid amount   and calculated price. This is useful to forgive the unpaid amount in some situations for example where customer    has paid almost the correct amount, but due to banking costs or exchange rates the difference still exists, so    program marks the reservation as "in debt" - new: Yacht financial performance now displays the discounts in detail - new Significant overall memory consumption decrease. Now the application caches only the data which is needed for    quick filtering. Other data is loaded on-demand. Computers with less than 512Mb RAM should experience big performance    boost  - new: The default icon set in the application has been upgraded so the users have more comfortable and consistent    experience - new: The user interface consistency has been improved by unifying standard window buttons in the application and   adding the separate "Close" button. - new: Updated German translations in the application - new: Reservation editor filter "Check out" - new: Main screen. User can now choose more than 21 days reservation duration to make the estimate.v.0.6.124 (11.06.2007) - new: functional improvements in email sending, when more than one user is on the list, program is   automatically moving the list to BCC field and putting the company email in the TO field - new: Microsoft Outlook on Windows now displays price quotes inside the email documents, not anymore   as an attachment - new: CBM - weeks that are not fully booked are now recognizable visually on the booking sheet. This   is especially useful for boat owners when reviewing the state of their bookings. - new: Preferences/Printing options - possibility to modify the charter company details that appear    on the report headers (address on the left and details line below the logo) - new: Preferences/Printing options - possibility to select which client details can appear on offer/invoice   documents. Also a client details alignment option is moved to printing preferences window - new: Preferences/Printing options - possibility to change minimal font size on offer/invoice reports - new: Setup/Payment Method Editor - offer/invoice reports now have a possibility to display alternative    company details depending on the payment method on the reservation (payment in different location for example). - new: new "rent" charter type in reservation editor, useful for some companies in situations   where they don't want to display "accommodation" as a service name in offers and invoices - new: exchange rate automatically changes as currency is changed on the reservation - new: master invoice has a possibility of second currency display, as was already done on advance payments   invoices - fix: unification of master invoice display with advance payment invoices in data and terminology - new: Booking list report has changed so now it displays a boat under a base if it had any check-ins   in that base regardless of the yachts default home base. This also makes it consistent with yacht financial   performance report. - fix: Yacht financial performance report now correctly groups by Base, so if one yacht was departing   from several bases in given period, bookings are redistributed accordingly, not put under the default base    as until now. - new: payment list and agency performance reports are removed form reports menu. Those reports are redundant   because they can be already obtained thru payment analyzer and reservation editor in much more robust way. - new: note field in the reservation discount editor - new: consistency between invoice for advanced payment and master invoice improved  v.0.6.115 (03.05.2007) - new: Web service connectivity to Croatian government E-crew registration system - new: Reservation/option/invoice report - possibility to align the address of the customer to the left - fix: dynamically sized payment details fields in reservation reports to optimize the space usage.   This fixes a problem where in some cases payment details were unnecessarily moved to second page of the report. - new: option to hide payment details text from offer documents - new: CBM if a user has a right to view the booking sheet, he can also download a PDF version of the    yearly booking sheet - new: note field in the reservation option editor - translations of equipment items and categories - ability to enter a price in second currency (SEK or USD for example) - new: updated Italian user interface translations - new: checkin/checkout times in embarkment list - fix: names of the clients sometimes not shown in the embarkment list if it was direct booking (no company name). - new: Main screen now also shows the base price of the term without a discount - new: Booking Sheet now displays the year of the build of the yacht in the left table - new: Reservation editor: when filtering by agency/client if there is no company name, the table displays   and filters by clients full name - new: Reservation editor filter "confirmed before" to filter out all reservations which were confirmed   before a certain date - new: Reservation editor, print the list of master invoices - fix: total reserved days were displaying differently in yacht financial performance and reservation editor due   to number rounding problem - new: Task entry to track the work performed on a boat filtering and grouping by worker/yacht and task type - fix: Booking Sheet report proper export to Excell - fix: Offer, Booking confirmation, Invoice for advanced payment and Master invoice reports exports    to Excell now displays all fieldsv.0.6.99 (27.01.2007) - fix: memory usage improvements, up to 30% memory saved on startup - fix: document printout improvements - fix: payment status symbol in Booking Sheet and Reservation Editor is visible again - fix: rounding problems in calculation of base price  v.0.6.96 (26.12.2006) - new: extras can now individually be included/excluded from invoicing, so part of the extras can be paid   in base and some directly on the invoice. Also a new setting in Option Editor allows us to set a   preference of the payment point for each individual type of extras. - new: extras and discounts can now be configured to be included in the basic price or deducted from    agency discount (not included in discountable options). Inclusion in the base price will be used    for automatic printing of conditions at a later release. - new: improvement in yacht financial performance report. Yachts are now ordered and grouped by models as    well as bases.v.0.6.92 (13.12.2006)  - new: added a possibility to treat "near" completed payments as a complete payments by tolerating    a certain amount of debt. It is set to 1 EUR by default  - new: possibility to exclude payment conditions from invoice printout  v.0.6.90 (30.11.2006)  - new: anti-aliasing of all text in the application makes the user interface much better looking  - new: Sizes and positions of all application windows are now remembered upon closing, so they are     reopened at exactly the same position  - new: Documents folder can now be located on the remote computers to allow file sharing in the     same office  - new: Login screen - possibility to remember the entry password  - new: Button to remove the yacht details from the reservation. This is a first step in allowing     creating invoices for custom services  - new: Option to print the simpler final invoice without calculation details  - new: invoice for advance payment now also contains a list of former payments   - new: option in Reservation settings to count bookings in the year of order instead of the year of the sailing  - new: Group Editor - selecting default agency group and default guest group, so Address book can be opened in     different contexts, for example automatically select agencies group while picking a client from a reservation  - new: on OSX is the first supported email program that shows the charter quotes in the content of the     email, not the attachment.  - fix: Significant speedups in payment analysis    v.0.6.86 (13.11.2006) - new: General UI improvement: now all text elements are right-clickable, so it is possible to copy and    paste the content by using the mouse only - new: Address book entry has a "Skype" field where you can enter his skype username - new: Address book - next to the telephone and skype fields there is a "call" button which dials a number directly    through Skype or a compatible VOIP application - new: Reservation - next to the client name there is a "call" button which can directly call the client on   available numbers through Skype or a compatible VOIP application - new: Offers and booking confirmations now also display year of the build next to the yacht name - fix: Agency performance report now looks at the date of reservation as a condition, not the date of invoice  - new: Address book entries that are sorted by country are now also sub-sorted by zip code so printing to   3 column stickers is better organized - new: Storno documents can now be printed from Canceled reservations - fix: Expired options can now be prolonged again - fix: multiple filter in the Address book - fix: yachts removed from booking are now also removed from the booking sheet report and booking sheet window - new: yachts editor has a new filter: "yachts on sale" v.0.6.84 (27.10.2006) - new: Reservation Editor check in and check out time, also visible in offer/reservation confirmation/invoice documents - new: Reservation Settings, default check in and check-out hours - new: Embarkment list table now has three lines available for a note, each row of the report is 30% higher - new: Embarkment list, visible extras  - new: Reservation Editor filter "skipper name" - new: Address book filter "email" - new: Reservation Editor - Payment comment is now printable in payment list - new: Payment analyzer option to display only reservations where payment terms were not respected - new: Booking sheet report can now be printed retroactively so the state of bookings can be reviewed for    past dates - fix: Booking Sheet report now repeats the header with information of the selected base and year on other pages also - new: Free entry field in the Printing preferences to allow displaying extra options in the price list report - fix: Daily report not working properly - fix: Base filter on Booking Sheet screen - new: Booking Sheet can now display an alert if the payment is overdue for reservation (Advance and Balance) - new: Booking Sheet can now display an alert if the booking is one-way - new: Booking Sheet visual improvements in the display of the reservation term - new: multiple complex filter in reservation and Address book modules. filters can now be combined so the user   can for example list all reservations from a certain agent on a specific yacht or base - new: field "Title" in the address book, e.g. "Mr." - new: boarding pass generation in the Reservation Editor - new: Address book/statistics shows a visitor counter in CBM. Now you can check how many times    a partner logged into the CBM - fix: improved payment analysis printing with "Reservation" group - fix: payment conditions automatically reloaded in the correct language if agent is changed - fix: visual improvements to the default skin: text boxes borders and the default behavior    of the disabled drop-down list  - fix: calendar behavior fixes, new calendar component - new: Reservation Editor allows for multiple select and selective printing in Reports/Print reservation list - new: Reservation Editor "delete" button to delete one or more selected reservations - new: Multiple Bookings wizard improvements with new fields: guest and expiration date - new: Options have two more parameters: reservation period and service period for which they apply to allow   for the possibility to have different option prices in different seasons or for them to expire automatically - new: CBM user activation from now on is done much easier with a new activation wizard - new: CBM user can have an "OWNER RIGHT " on "Booking sheet" module. If the "owner" access right is set    to "allow", the user can view only the boats that he owns. - new: "Send quote" on the front screen can now use the Address book to find an email, with a possibility    of multiple select of users with CTRL button - new: Montenegro separated from Serbia with their new ISO country codes - new: number of days and weeks for reservations in booking sheet report, agency performance report and    yacht performance report - new: Address book print user list to stickers 3x8 v.0.6.74 (14.07.2006) - fix: stability improvements - fix: MUP report now exports only crew members which are arriving on the asked date. Before it looked at the    reservation check-in date which was not completely correct v.0.6.73 (22.06.2006) - new: Option in reservation settings to allow discounts to have subtotals. Some charter companies use this as    a different method of calculating discounts. For example if discounts don't have subtotals, two discounts    would simply add together:      base price         1000   discount 1 (-10%)   100   discount 2 (-5%)     50   -----------------------   total               850      so the total discount is 15% from the base price.      On the other hand if discounts have subtotals, each consecutive discount would take into an account the reduced   amount from the former discount::      base price         1000   discount 1 (-10%)   100   discount 2 (-5%)     45   -----------------------   total               855           In this case the 5% discount was applied to a reduced price of 900 so the total discount is 14.5% of the base price.      If you choose to use this option, the existing reservations will not be affected by this setting, only    the new ones.v.0.6.72 (22.05.2006) - fix: Reservation editor - name of the invoice item (discounts and options) can now be changed directly on the reservation   screen like their values. - fix: Reservation - active office is now not visible on documents if not used - new: Reservation editor - reservation list when printed now contains the name of the base and the   "paid" and "debt" totals for each reservation - new: Yacht - each yacht can have it's own default payment method. When making an option for such a yacht, the   payment method selected will be the default one on each offer. - new: Discount editor - parameter "year of build" added. From now on discounts can also be assigned    depending on the boat's age. - new: Address book - added button "View Bookings" which shows all bookings that the selected user ordered - new: Address book - added button "View Trips" which shows all bookings that user was at in the form of   crew member - new: Address Book now allows for multiple select of users for list printing, and mailing lists - new: Address Book - added button "Email list" which will open a new email window in the default email   program, addressed to the people in the list - new: Reservation settings - master invoice can now be issued in the name of the owner v.0.6.71 (18.04.2006) - new: New property at individual yacht - bareboat or crewed charter type - new: New model types in addition to Sailboat, Motorboat, Catamaran and gulet - Motoryacht and Motorsailor  v.0.6.70 (13.04.2006) - new: Documents that contain complete reservation calculation, namely Offer, Reservation confirmation   and final invoice can have their invoice items displayed without included VAT regardless if the base   price is entered with included VAT or not. - new: "Pro forma invoice" for payment can now also be called "Invoice for advance payment" if selected   in the settings - new: charter contract templates can now display the company of the ownerv.0.6.69 (03.04.2006) - new: quick quote sending feature on the availability page. Selecting a free yacht or multiple   free yachts and clicking on "send quote" automaticaly opens an e-mail window with yacht details   images, price details and discounts listed.NOTE: if you don't see images on the left it is because    they have to be generated on the server. To do that for each yacht separately, please click   on "view details" link on the right. - new: owner filter at yachts window - fix: Advance payment can now be set to 100% - new: If the advance payment has been set to 100%, the balance won't be shown in documents, regardless    of it's content - fix: Reservation is now called "Booking confirmation" which is generally agreed to be better term - new: Booking list report now also displays the dates as well as week numbers. - fix: Offers and booking confirmations will now also show Transit log below the security deposit   if it has been set on each of the yachts - new: Security deposit and transit log can now be entered in other currencies in the yachts editor.   if the field is left empty, offers will show EUR as before - new: Security deposit is hidden on master invoices. It was not correct to show deposit on Invoices, only   on Booking confirmations and offers v.0.6.68 (09.03.2006) - new: character encoding for contract templates setting is added to general setting to   allow .doc template to merge for non latin character sets. - new: office in which reservation is issued is now visible on offers and reservations - new: first and second payment dates and amounts are now visible in the reservation    confirmation document according to settings in the invoice details - new: on offer and reservation documents, notes, bank details and payment details, font   size is even smaller to accommodate for more content - fix: Invoice options are now available also to Basic users - fix: In reservation editor, "All + Canceled" filter now includes offers alsov.0.6.66 (21.2.2006) - new: conditions for the first and second payment are now defined to allow for automatic   tracking of overdue payments. First payment is defined in percentages of the total price and   days after the booking confirmation.Second payment is defined in percentages of total price   and number of days before the check-in. - new: user interface for payment conditions in Reservation Editor/Invoice details - new: user interface for payment conditions in Payment Method Editor - new: Confirmation date on reservations, useful for payment tracking - new: Port of registry property on yachts, obligatory for Greek companies - new: Skipper license and license issuer added to Address book v.0.6.65 (13.02.2006) - new: User interface for choosing a Mail program in Preferences/General options - new: Microsoft Entourage and Apple Mail, new supported e-mail programs on OS X - new: Professional license property on yachts, obligatory for Greek companies - new: Tax office property in Address book, obligatory for Greek companies - fix: Charter contract generation from Word templatesv.0.6.63 (23.11.2005) - fix: In some cases Reservation editor produced errors on opened expired reservations - new: Default guest discountv.0.6.62 (7.11.2005) - new:Payment invoices are now "Pro forma Invoices", which are later canceled by master invoice.   Users that use only master invoice will notice no changes whatsoever. - new:Invoice in Swedish - new:Payment method Swedish translation - new:Address book, user can be set as a Swedish speaker - new:In Reservation editor, invoices can be printed and e-mailed in any language, not only in    client's native language.v.0.6.61 (05.11.2005) - new:price entry is now possible in any currency. Prices are automatically calculated in correct   currency in listings and on the web according to exchange rates.v.0.6.60 (04.11.2005) - new:security enhancement. From now on when installing a new application, every user is required   to apply for security code in order to activate his application. Security code is useful because   it protects your data even in cases where your master password might be stolen. Existing    applications will also prompt for security code entry. Once entered application will not ask for    it again. - fix:Inventory cashing problem. When deleting inventory items from yachts, the list will be    automatically refreshed, without the need to reload the data from the database   v.0.6.58 (07.10.2005) - new:option to disable yacht name display on the web (it will only work on new charter sites) - new:option to set the default discount. If there is no client on the reservation, or client has   no defined discount, this value is shown. - new:Reservation settings/invoice/Maximum discount - new option to set maximum discount - fix:Reservation price can now be set to 0  - fix:Multiple bookings wizard didn't correctly open reservations in some cases v.0.6.57 (09.09.2005) - Price editor fixes - bug prevented new prices from being saved - Reservation editor - charter type is single by default - Reservation editor - reservation type is now correctly set. The ones coming from CBM and    other portals are marked as "Internet" while those created with LBM are marked as "Classic" - Reservation editor - status type Offer is no longer blocking availability.   Charter companies can now have more than one active offer for the same yacht/period - Reservation editor - speed improvements when selecting a clientv.0.6.56 (24.8.2005.) - Significant speed improvements while saving in forms like reservation editor and Address book - Report fixes: font size in price list was too small - Report fixes: problems with multiple currencies in some reports - Report fixes: more vertical space for terms of payment,banking details and note in the invoicev.0.6.55 (21.7.2005) - Added a "Book of domestic guests" - report that is compulsory for    Croatian charter companiesv.0.6.54 (16.7.2005) - Added a new reservation status called "offer". This status type blocks   availability of the boat (yacht is not available after the offer is opened),   which will be changed in future versions of LBM. - Added a "Book of foreign guests" - report that is compulsory for    Croatian charter companies - Re-arranged button structure in Crew List to accommodate new functions,   visible only to companies based in Croatiav.0.6.53 (30.05.2005) - "Company settings" hiding "MUP id" field for non-Croatian companies - MUP id improvements. Companies with fleets in more than one base can    now enter different MUP id for each basev.0.6.52 (23.05.2005) - "Available yachts" on the main screen automatically show the discount percentage - Introduction of Daily prices, a  new option to set the prices of short term    reservations to a percentage of weekly price which is common practice with    charter companies. This option can be controlled in Settings / Prices. - More complete Croatian translations - Advancements in crew list entry. When entering crew members on a single   reservations, common properties are copied to next guest automatically,   so the entry is faster. - Booking Sheet refreshes automatically when filter is changed - if a reservation is changed directly on the booking sheet, confirmation   box is displayed to prevent accidental data change through right click or   drag and drop - user who issued an invoice will be visible on the document on the "invoiced by"   line v.0.6.50 (27.04.2005) - German language translations - Reports in native languages - Availability search speed-ups. Searches in local application and   CBM are much faster - One way management. Application is now aware of one way terms and    suggests an apropriate base for departure. This feature can be turned off   in options. - Improvements to Options and discounts, with many more parameters, they   are easier to understand and more powerfull. - Clean-up of discount interface. Now it will be much easier for users    to set triggers - Multithreading. Application will no longer feel like it is hanging when   making innitial instalation or synchronizing - All "Message" screens have progress bar which is moving, so the    user knows that application is doing something. - New Skin: Beigeazul v.0.6.46 (28.01.2005) - First translations of report templates in Italian - Many small fixes in the user interface - year filter for problems - new rating system for portal - fixes for memory usage and synchronization problems that occured in 0.6.40 for some usersv.0.6.40 (20.12.2004) - Booking sheet now supports drag&drop to quickly move reservations to   different term or yacht as well as a context menu (left click) - disabled username field in the Address book which was used for logging in the    CBM. Users should use their e-mail address as username instead in the future. - Added "Charge tax" field in the Address book so we know if the user has to pay   the tax or not. Earlier method of determening if the client has to pay the tax   was to look if their country is different from the charter company, but that    was not flexible enough. - Added "Amount taxable (%)" in the reservation settings, so we can define which    portion of the invoice is taxable. This was added primarily for Italian companies   so they can charge tax correctly - Resolved some lock-ups that ocuured when working while data was being refreshed   in the backgroundv.0.6.35 (10.12.2004) - French language translations - memory usage and speed improvements - printing a lease contract from a predefined templatev.0.6.32 (11.11.2004) - booking sheet updating improved - improvements in table layout visualization - User interface cleaning up (discount and option editors)v.0.6.31 (31.10.2004) - Italian translations updatedv.0.6.20 (13.09.2004) - Booking Sheet loads much faster, especially for larger fleets - New payment analyzer with extensive filtering and grouping functionality - More robust invoice numbering automation - Reservation/calculation table can now be edited directly, no more need to delete discounts and 	options and recreate them with the correct value. Also when we change the absolute value of  	discount, percentage is calculated automatically andvice-versa. - Application is able to receive word templates for contracts - Better reports, adding more options in the report wizard - New equipment editor allows for customising the equipment and equipment categories v.0.5.20 (11.6.2004)  - Transfer lists added - Redesigned crew lists, now you can enter crew lists much faster by using keyboard only - This is the first official release with translation of user interface     into two additional languages: Croatian and Italian. Those translations     are 90% completed but still experimental - Reduced memory footprint - application should work better on     low end machines - Address book loads faster first time - Two new skins: toxicthemepack and cellshadedthemepackv.0.5.19 (15.5.2004) - Model definitions for individual companies: now each charter    company can define their own yacht models or still use default ones    - Comments for properties - for example if total number of berths is 7,     you can enter (6+1) in comments field     - Translations for invoices per payment (now those are in four languages)  - Translations for banking details - banking details on a reservation are     now automatically pulled in the language of the chosen agent     - New discount trigger type - Last minute, now you can specify discounts     for bookings which are made shortly before service