Sending payment reminders

By using the Payment analyser with Booking Manager you can easily view payments which are overdue and send reminders to your clients.

1. Finding the Payment analyser

The payment analyser can be found in Setup (1.) > Payment analyser (2.).

2. Filtering the payments

When in Payment analyser you need to filter out the overdue payments to send the reminder. On top right you will find two selects under Details. Set Group by (1.) to reservation and Payment status (2.) to Payments overdue. Next go to the Rerservation filter and set the required period (3.).

When you are done press Search (4.). This will filter out the overdue payments and you will clearly see how much is invoiced, how much was paid, remaining debt and how much is overdue.

3. Sending the reminder

Select the payments for which you want to send the reminder (1.). After you have done that the button Send reminder (2.) activates.

After clicking Send reminder button your e-mail program will open as many new e-mails as Clients were selected. If a Client has several boats for which payments are overdue they will be sent together in a single e-mail.