Translating the options and discounts

Booking Manager gives you the ability to translate the names of your options that are entered into the system.

1. Entering the option

When you access the options through Setup > Option types and add New (1.) option, when giving the option a Name (2.) you are naming it in English.
Now this name of the option can be translated by pressing the flag (3.).
After you pressed the flag button a list of flags repesenting their respective languages will appear. The list consists of 18 languages. The red ones are not translated.

The same procedure is for the existing option on which you want to add the translation.

2. Translating the option's name

When you selected the language (Italian in the example), it's flag will be shown (1.) and the name field will turn blank (2.).
Enter the the translation and repeat the steps as many times as needed.

When you are done press Save (3.).

3. Translating the discounts

The identical principle applies to translation of discounts and the procedure is completely the same.

4. Resulting document

When the option and discount is translated it will show on the document printed in the translated language.