How to edit style for your custom search engine

If you are using Booking Manager custom search engine on your website now you can style it to match your website.

Once you are logged to the Booking Manager Portal click on My account (1.) and then on Search engine (2.)

Search engine settings

Search engine settings (1.) allows you simple editing of the style of the search engines. Here you can edit type and size of the font for the text and titles, background color for the titles and search engine and border for the titles (2.).

Once you edited this press Save (3.) and you will be able to see the change in the preview for the Quick search (4.) and the Yacht search (5.).

Advanced editing

Even though you can edit basic styles in the Search engine settings that might not be enough. For that reason the Booking Manager has the possibility to edit the actual css file of the search engine.

Once you click Advanced editing (1.) the css file will load on to the page (2.) and you will be able to completely edit css styles of both Quick search and Yacht search and Save (3.) those changes to become active.

Note that when you are using the Advanced editing the changes you made to the Search engine settings become irrelevant.