How make an print transfer list of your guests

In addition of managing the crew list Booking Manager enables you to make an print transfer list of your guests.

Entering the transfer information into the system

In order to enter the transfer information go to Woek > Reservations, select a reservation (1.), and click on Crew (2.) tab.

Click on New (3.) (if you are entering a new guest), Add (4.) (if you are selecting existing guest from Address book), or select a guest from the list (5.) and press Edit (6.)

A new window will open, where you switch to Transfer detail (2.) tab and press New transfer (3.).

Now enter all relevant data for the transfer (e.g. date, time...) by double clicking on each field separately (1.).

Press Apply (2.) to confirm and OK (3.) to close the window.

NOTE: You can enter several transfers for one guest. In that case repeat the transfer entering procedure before you pressed OK.

Printing the Transfer list

When you have transfer information in the system you can can print out the complete transfer list for a given check-in date.

Go to Reports (1.) and select Transfer list (2.)

The  Report wizard will open in which you can make a selection whether to print the report for a particular day (1.) or for a particular period of time (2.)

Press Create report (3.) when you made the selection.

The report contains the information for all transfers on a selected day/period.