How insert and attach base info documents

The latest version of Booking Manager now enables you to insert your base info documents to each base and attach them to e-mails when you send quick price quote or reservation information from Reservation editor.

Inserting the documents into the system

In order to enter the documents you need to go to Preferences > Company settings > Bases (1.), select a base for which you want to add the documents (2.) and press New (3.).

A new window will open where you can select the document from your computer.

Once you selected the file you will be asked to enter the description of the document (1.).

Press OK (2.) when done.

Once the document is added the check is placed automatically to the Attach field (1.), which means that the document is attached to the e-mail.

Another thing you can select is the language for which the document is applied (2.). This enables you to attach the particular document to the particular language for each base if necessary, or you can set the language to any and one document will be attached to all languages.

Press Apply (3.) when you completed adding the documents.

Attaching the document to e-mails

When you enter the document and it is marked to be attached the document will be placed as an attachment (1.) when you are sending e.g. offer or booking confirmation for all bookings that have the base which has documents set as From base in Reservation editor