How to issue Master invoice in the name of the owner

Since some charter companies prefer to issue invoices in the name of the owner, Booking Manager system has a feature that allows you to issue such invoices.

Setting the reservation settings

First thing that you need to be set are the reservation settings so go to Preferences > Reservation settings > Invoice (1.) and place a check to Master invoice in the name of the owner (2.) and press Apply (3.).

Entering the owner in the Address book

Second step is to go to Work > Address book and select Group owner (1.) so you are able to find the owners easily.

Now press New (2.) and enter at least Company name, Name, Surname, E-mail, Address, City and Country (3.).

Press Apply (4.) when done

Assigning the owner to the boat

Third step is to assign the owner to the boat so go to Work > Yachts, find and select a boat (1.). Now find the Owner row and click on a button (2.) to assign the owner from the address book.

Press Apply (3.) when done.

Printing the Master invoice

When everything is set in previous steps the master invoice will now be printed in the name of the owner.

It will look almost exactly the same as the standard invoice, but there will be an additional row on it that states that it is issued on behalf of the owner (1.)