How to use subtotals for discounts for calculating the total price

Booking Manager system can calculate discounts in two different ways depending upon charter company preferences. The default program setting is to calculate all discounts on the Base price, but you can set the program to create a subtotal after each applied discount and apply the next discount on the subtotal.

Calculating discounts without subtotals (default program setting)

In this example a search was made for the charter which has applied a Last minute discount of 15% and a Two week discount of 5%.

With the default setting the program took the Base Price (1.) added the 2 discounts (2). and applied them both to the base price to give the Total price (3.) as is visible on the calculation.

Calculating discounts with subtotals

If you want to calculate discounts with subtotals, go to Preferences > Reservation settings > Invoice (1.) find Discounts have subtotals (2.) and place a check.

Press Apply (3.) when done.

This will now enable the program to calculate discounts with subtotals and will show you the different discount percentage because of the use of the subtotals on your main screen and in your quotes.

What the program now does is that it takes the Base price (1.), calculates the first discount and gives the subtotal (2.). Then it calculates the second discount on the subtotal price (3.).

This results in a slightly different price (4.).