How to separate Agency commission from the invoice

Booking Manager system now has a new feature that allows you to hide or show Agency commission on the invoice of each reservation individually which is very usefull if you are working in a different ways with different agencies.

Issuing an Invoice with standard settings on the reservation

Normally on the invoice you have the Agency commission in the calculation and it is displayed on the Invoice (1.) and calculated into the Total (2.).

If you wanted to hide the Agency commission in this case you would have had to delete the commission from the reservation and issue the invoice.

Separate agency commission from the inovice

Go to Work > Reservations and in tab Reservation (1.) find Separate commission invoice (2.) and place a check (3.).

Press Apply (4.) when done.

This will now enable you to have the Agency commission remain in the calculation, but not show on the invoice.

If you print the Invoice with this setting the Agency commission is removed from the tax calculation (1.) and from the total price (2.) even though it is still present in the reservation.

Note that even though this option is activated the Agency commission will still be visible and calculated on the Booking confirmation.