How to use Sitemanager for storing images for newletter

Users of Sitemanager CMS system can use the ability to upload images through Sitemanager to help themselves to insert images to the Newsletter generated by the Booking Manager.

Uploading an image through the Sitemanager

Once you have opened the Sitemanager open Documents tab (1.) and press Upload a new document button (2.) to reach the Open window (3.) and select a file from your hard drive and press Open (4.) after selection.

Once the upload is finished you will receive the Confirmation (1.) and you should in this case press No (2.) since you will not be using the image on the web, but in the newsletter in the Booking Manager. This way you will have all your images for the newsletter in the same place and the path will always be

Adding the image to your Newsletter

Now you can enter Newsletters (1.) > Manage newsletter (2.) to add the image.

Once you opened the new newsletter click on insert image button (1.) to open Picture Properties window (2.). Here you write the full path of the image (e.g. into Picture source field (3.). Press OK (4.) when done.

If the path is entered correctly the image should become visible in the newsletter content area right away.