Multiple filtering in Reservation editor

To ease filtering your reservations the Booking manager offers you the possibility to filter your reservations using multiple filters to narrow down the number of reservations shown. 

1. Setting the first filter parameter and locking it

In Work > Reservations, in Filter you want to e.g. find all Reservations that have Base of departure in Kastela.
Select the appropriate filters in select boxes, write the base name in the Filter field and press the lock button (highlighted in the image).
The Filter by line will appear showing what is locked


2. Setting the second filter parameter

Now that you have locked the first paramer, you can set the second one in the same way you set the first one.
In this example the second parameter is Agent/client.
You can lock the second parameter to further narrow down the results, but setting to many filters may produce no results

3. Unlocking the parameters

You can always unlock the filter parameters by clicking on the highlighted button. Clicking on that button unlock all locked parameters