Mailchimp integration - Setting up the mailing lists

Latest Booking Manager enables you to send Newsletters directly from Booking Manager by integrating it with Mailchimp. MailChimp helps you design email newsletters and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform.

Setting up the mailing lists in Mailchimp and connecting to the Booking Manager Address book

After you signed up to Mailchimp, next step is to setup mailing list in your Mailchimp account. Easiest way is to go to Dashboard (1.) and click on Create A List (2.)

Once in setup, fill in the required fields to complete setting up the mailing list.

When the list is complete there is no need to further do anything on Mailchimp. Now go to Booking manager and open Preferences > User groups. Press New (1.) to open the new user group and write the exact group name (2.) as you used for the name of the list in Mailchimp and press OK (3.).

Now select the group (1.) and check it as Newsletter group (2.) and Close (3.) the window.

The last thing that remains is to go to Work > Addressbook > Access rights (1.) and add the contacts to the newsletter group by clicking on Add Group (2.)