Adding images to the boat

When you add a new boat in a way described in Adding a new boat to the fleet, you can also add/change images that are added to it.

1. Finding your boat

To find your boat you will need to go to Work (1.) > Yachts (2.)

2. Select a boat

Select a boat from the list (1.) and click on Images (2.) tab.

3. Adding images

Next click on Upload (1.) button to open a window (2.) where you can select the image to be uploaded. Select the image (3.) and click Open (4.).

Continue to Upload the Interior (1.) and Plan (2.) image. Press Close (3.) when you are done

4. Uploading the new images

Now all you have to do is go to Work (1.) and click on Synchronize documents (2.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Synchronizing with CBM will not synchronize the images.