Adding Seasons to Booking Manager

When you add a new boat in a way described in Adding a new boat to the fleet, in order for you to be able to see the boat on the main screen you need to add seasons and prices to the boat.

Here we will cover adding the seasons to the system.

1. Finding the seasons

To enter the seasons you will need to go to Setup (1.) > Seasons (2.)

2. Adding season groups

If you are a new user to the Booking Manager than it is likely that you do not have any seasons or season groups entered.

Your first step is then to open a new Season group by pressing on New group (1.) to open a season group. Then you double click on the Name (2.) of the season group and name it.

3. Adding seasons

Once you opened and renamed the season group you need to select the Season Group (1.) and open a new season by pressing the New season (2.) button.

The new opened season will start on January 1st and end on December 31st of the default system year. In order to complete the new season you will need to double click on the End date (1.) field and click on the calendar icon.

When the Calendar (2.) opens find the appropriate date and click on it. This will select the end date for the season and close the calendar.

4. Completing the seasons

Now all you have to do is keep adding seasons (1.) in the same way you added the first one. Always add them one by one so that the End date (3.) of the previous season will become automatically the Start date (3.) of the following season untill you are done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Season groups and Seasons should always be carefully added because there is no way to delete them.