Adding a price to the new boat

When you add a new boat in a way described in Adding a new boat to the fleet, in order for you to be able to see the boat on the main screen you need to add prices to the boat.

1. Finding the pricelist

To enter the prices you will need to go to Setup (1.) > Prices(2.)

2. Selecting the boat

Once in Prices you can use the Filter (1.) to find the boat by name. Then you click on the boat (2.) and select the appropriate Season group (3. and 4.)

3.Price input in Booking manager

Once you selected the boat and the season group the complete price list will load including from past years. You will need to find your current seasons (1.) and then click on appropriate field in the Price column (2.) and enter the price. Confirm each entry by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.