Finding clients from previous years

Booking manager system now has new filters added in the Address book that enables you to filter out your clients that have booked boats in previous years, but have not booked in current year.

1. Filtering the clients that have made bookings in previous years

First you select a proper group in Groups (1.). Next you set Filter by to Booking in years (2.). Now in the field Filter (3.) enter year(s) that clients made bookings in. That can be only one year, or several separated by comma.

The result will be the clients that booked in requested year(s).

Last step is to lock the filter (4.).

2. Filtering the clients that have not made bookings this year

Next step is to set Filter by to No booking in years (1.) and Filter (2.) to current year, in this case 2012.

The resulting list is the list of clients that have booked you before but not this year.