Adding a new boat to the fleet

In Booking manager system you can maintain the list of your boats on your own, without our support and assistance.

1. Checking the Boat model in BM

First step in adding the new boat is checking if you have that model in your model list. You can find the list in Work (1.) > Yacht models (2.).

2. Entering the new boat model

If the desired boat model does not exist in the list press New (1.) and a window for Selection of base models (2.) will appear. Select the required model from the list (3.) and press OK (4.)

Next, you will be asked whether you want to import the data from the base model and the usuall answer is Yes (1.).

Last step is that you check the details if  the imported boat details (1.) are correct, make the changes if needed and press Apply (2.).

3. Entering the new boat

Now that you checked/entered the boat model you can enter the actual boat into the system.

Go to main menu Work (1.) and select Yachts (2.). When the Yachts (3.) window opens add a new boat by clicking on New (4.), selecting the appropriate boat model from the list (5.) and pressing Choose (6.)

4. Finalizing the new boat

After you chose the boat model the new no name boat is added to the list. Find the boat on the left (1.) and at least add Name (2.), Base (3.), Deposit (4.), Year of build (5.). When you are done press Apply (6.).