Setting the new optional extra

With Booking Manager managing your options is easy adn you can do it on your own.

1. Finding the Option type manager

The Option type manager manager can be found in Setup (1.) > Option types (2.).

2. Entering the new option type

Press New (1.) to open a new option and give the Name (2.), set the Price (3.) and wheter it is paid by booking, week or day (4.).

Next you can set the Tax (5.) for the option if it's different than the tax rate from the Reservation settings and whether the option is obligatory (6.) or not.

You can also set the specific sailing (7.) or order (8.) period if it applies.

When you are done press Save (9.).

3. Customizing the option

Now the option has appeared in the list on the left you can further customize it.

Click on tab Advanced (1.) and you can furhter customize the availabilty of the option. It can be valid in specific base (2.), for a specific kind (3.), type (4.) or boat (5.).

It can be tied to a speciffic Equipment item (6.) and you can set Payment preference (7.) to be e.g. default (usually means payable in base) or Payable on invoice.

It can be set to be valid for multiple yachts (8.), by holding the CTRL key and clicking on yacht names.

When you are done press Save (9.).

4. Translating the option

Now this name of the option can be translated by pressing the flag. After you pressed the flag button a list of flags repesenting their respective languages will appear. The list consists of 18 languages. The red ones are not translated.

For more details please refer to Translating the Options and Discounts