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What is Booking Manager? What is Booking Manager? What is Booking Manager?

What is Booking Manager?

Booking Manager is the world's most advanced business management and on-line booking solution for yacht charter companies. It offers different software modules suited to fully automate yacht charter business

By using Booking Manager you will drastically improve your business efficiency, because many of the repetiteve and time concuming tasks that were previously done manually are now fully automated.

Some of the notable improvements for charter companies are:


Managing bookings using Booking Manager is much faster, flexible and accurate than using traditional methods. Booking Manager system allows you to receive calculations automatically when your agents make requests on-line.


Synchronization between the Local Booking Manager, Central Booking Manager and Web site assures that the information sent by you clients is the same one that is entered in your office application.

Cost Savings

Every day booking process is usualy very time consuming. By using the Booking Manager system your agent or client can place an option and confirm it instantly at any time 24 hours a day.
Because of this, with Booking Manager you are able to communicate with much more clients, and to potentially drastically decrease your operational costs depending on the size of your company.